Take 2 minutes, watch the short video below - and discover...

• The simplest way to start making real money with affiliate marketing (this is exactly what I do to make a great living as an affiliate); and

• Why this is now easier than ever with Affiliate Genie...

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Whether you believe it or not - I'm just gonna tell it like it is:

Creating a Full-Time Affiliate Income Is Actually Very Simple
When You Use a Certain Formula...

And This Is "The Formula" That Has Proven Itself Over & Over Again:

The Full-Time Formula

1. Create unique content in profitable markets that specifically targets people who are on the verge of making a purchase decision...

2. On each page of your site, prominently display an affiliate offer that directly matches your visitor's problem, question or query...

3. Promote your site with simple, time-tested activities that work just as well today as they have for almost a decade (more details below),

And, finally...

4. Simply repeat steps 1 through 3 until you reach your target income - which can happen surprisingly quickly with the right offer & market.

I've used this "formula" as the fundamental basis for building a wildly profitable affiliate marketing business in the last few years...

...which has provided my wife and I with a whole new world of possibilities. We've gone from being starving newly-weds... to travelling every continent, pursuing our passions and investing in numerous properties.

Let's just say that it's been an exciting journey (to say the least), and my "hard" years of learning what actually works were more than worth enduring.

And to give you an idea of what it looks like when start doing what actually works...

Here's My Results After Just Six Months of Building Sites Like This...

Note: These are my own results, and do not reflect the average types of results that most beginners can expect. Most beginners can expect a fair amount of trial/error before they see any results. This is because the most important factors in terms of generating results are targeted traffic & offer selection/promotion - which, like any skill - require practice, perseverance & action.

In fact, as the months progressed, I'd ended up building single affiliate sites (some no more than 10 pages deep) that were single-handedly earning what most people consider a full time income.

It was crazy. And it was just the beginning.

And it still works just as well today as it did when I started.

(By the way, many people fall into the trap of believing that you have to stay on top of every new trend and the latest "tricks" to do well in this business - or to constantly monitor what Google allegedly likes or whatever. It's simply not true.)

The reality is that every day, thousands upon thousands of people go online to BUY something.

And if you simply create content that is targeted to them - you'll get your piece of the pie, too.

It's that simple.

And with Affiliate Genie - this full time formula is literally as easy as pie. That's because I originally designed it from the ground up for the sole purpose of having my staff build my own affiliate sites.

It was only recently that we decided to make it a bit more user-friendly and release it publicly.

And in doing so...

The Full-Time "Formula" is Now Easier Than Ever...

In simple terms:

Affiliate Genie is Specifically Engineered to:

  • Build Sites That Easily Attract Ultra-Targeted "Buyer Traffic"
  • Convert as Many of Those Visitors Into Sales as Possible
  • And in General, to Make it Brain-Dead Easy For Literally Anyone to Create Professional, Interactive Sites That are Optimized for Profit...

In fact, let's take a closer look at why Affiliate Genie will give anyone who's serious about affiliate marketing the ultimate edge.

As you're about to see - we don't call it "Affiliate Genie" for nothing...

Here's why:

One of the core features of Affiliate Genie is its ability to easily create professional product review pages with an easy-to-use rating system and other integrated tools that - put simply - makes it very easy to publish unique, product-focused content.

And why is this a crucial success factor?

The answer is simple, and it's something that was directly responsible for my own success as an affiliate...

Publishing product reviews and product-related content is the simplest possible way to get traffic from "buyer keywords" in the search engines. And trust me - those are the kinds of people you want coming to your site!

I've seen it with my own campaigns, time and time again...

Sites where I've tried to rank for a competitive keyword (or keywords) usually get a fair bit of a traffic, but the sales and conversions are average.

In contrast - sites where my content is specifically focused on products, pre-sales questions/problems and otherwise "buyer" keywords usually generate far more sales, even with a fraction of the traffic.

And with Affiliate Genie - rolling out sites like that is a breeze...

Key Product Review Features:

• Easily creates unlimited product reviews

• Built-in star rating system with professional graphics

Create "buyer content" fast. Our default product-review template (which is optional and totally customizable) makes it super easy to create product-focused content ultra-fast...

Easily add product images or videos

Advanced users can easily add their own HTML code, scripts and so on to the product review page - all from within the web based editor!

Download Affiliate Genie >>


If I've learned one thing over the years in this business, it's that generating sales and, well, plainly put - making money as an affiliate - is very, very straightforward.

Tons of people over-complicate this to death with the so-called "rules" of copywriting, selling tactics and so on. But in the real world where people actually generate income in real-world markets, this is what it looks like...

As an affiliate marketer, your primary goal is to get your visitors over to the merchant's offer that you're promoting, because that's where the transactions happen. That's only logical.

That needs to be your priority, because literally - the difference between a site earning "a few bucks here and there" and one making a killing can be something as brain-dead simple as where the offer is being promoted on the page.

Most affiliates lose out big time simply because they don't display their offers clearly, prominently or with enough focus. Their offers are either buried too far down the page, or there's simply too much "clutter" on the site, which kills the CTR (click-through-ratio).

In contrast, sites that focus on one main offer and display it front-and-center on every page will perform astronomically better than your "typical" affiliate site.

(Don't believe me? Try it on a site with targeted traffic and see for yourself).

And this is exactly how the Affiliate Genie builds its sites...

Key Profit-Boosting Features:

• Easily create a "Featured Promo" that displays your main offer in the most critical, visible area of any page!

You can enable the featured promo sitewide, or you can choose specific content categories on your site that will display it - you have total control...

• Complete creative freedom! Our open-ended HTML system allows you to display virtually any type of creative as your feature promo.

Whether you just want a standard text ad - or if you're using flash, videos, involvement scripts, opt-in forms - even AdSense® - you can easily run virtually any kind of offer you want, front and center...

• Centralized & sitewide offer management - No messing around changing your offer on a "page by page" basis. Even if you build sites that are hundreds of pages deep, you can easily change, edit or modify your Featured Promo instantly and sitewide...

• This approach is proven, consistent & will always work - There is a reason why a "top fold" ad in the newspaper costs exponentially more than one lower down the page...

Affiliate Genie has been built on fundamental, evergreen direct-response strategies from the ground up. So while other affiliates waste time messing around with the latest "trick"...

...You can focus on simply building an empire of sites that actually generate results.

Download Affiliate Genie >>


SEO, or search engine optimization, is actually very simple and not complicated like some would have you believe...

Always keep in mind that search engines like Google® didn't build their organic results with marketers in mind. Google - as well as the other search engines - have one goal as their business model: To deliver relevant results to their users.

Food for thought: Why do you think it is that so many educational, non-profit and otherwise "unintentional" sites out there can attain phenomenal rankings without even so much as thinking about optimization or rankings?

It's simply because they produce good, relevant content that attracts natural backlinks.

All it takes, then, to benefit from torrents of free, targeted traffic is to simply give Google what it wants. Not trying to "beat" the system or search for short-lived exploits.

And what does Google want?

  • Relevant Content, Headlines & Title Tags
  • Well-Structured Sites, Navigation & Sitemaps
  • To See That Others Recommend (Link to) Your Site

It truly is that simple... and we've built Affiliate Genie to do just that...

Key SEO Features:

• Strong, Automatic On-Site Optimization - Every time you create a new page, product review or article, our system ensures that you enter a title tag, description tag and a few relevant keywords.

On top of that, we also use header tags (properly) to echo your page title within the page's content.

The result is a streamlined process of creating relevant, rankable content that Google responds to...

• Creates Sites With SEO-Friendly "ShortURL" Page Links - On hosts that support PHP 5+, Affiliate Genie will automatically transform the dynamic page links into "shorturl" direct links, which gives you that extra "indexing boost" in Google...

• Automatically Creates RSS Feeds & XML Sitemaps - For the advanced users, the benefits of these functions are a no-brainer.

For others, basically what this means is that your Affiliate Genie sites have all the same "advantages" over a regular HTML site as a Wordpress blog in terms of automated organization and RSS feed creation.

Meaning that you can get free links & exposure from RSS feed directories, and that Google can more easily index your content (and send you more traffic).

Automatically Notifies Unlimited Ping Services! - You can enter a custom "ping list" so that each time you update your site, Affiliate Genie will automatically notify any ping service that you've entered in the admin panel.

• Built-in Social Bookmarking Functionality - For additional search engine visibility over time, we've included "easy access" one-click bookmarking, where your visitors can share your page/site with others.

If you've got good content, this can be very powerful and help to cement your rankings.

And - most importantly...

• Affiliate Genie is Built for Relevance - Unlike virtually every other affiliate "site builder" out there, Affiliate Genie isn't just another PPC landing page generator that spits out "mashups" with multiple products, or topics, on a single page.

Instead, it's designed to create content where each page has its own self-contained topic (keyword target), within the scope of an overall theme or category.

This is the kind of relevance that Google wants to see - because its logical, and it can serve up results accordingly.

Bottom line: Affiliate Genie is designed to make it as easy as possible for you to give Google what it wants...

...so that you can get what you want: TRAFFIC.

Download Affiliate Genie >>


The web is becoming more and more transparent.

Internet users in general want unbiased, "real" insights from other people just like them.

And when they find affirmation - it's more powerful than even the most potent ad or marketing campaign...

This is also known as social proof, and it's the equivalent of having a product recommended to you from a friend or someone you personally know.

The bottom line is that consumers will listen to other consumers with far more interest than they will a website publisher - no matter how good the content.

And the result is that when your visitors "vote" with their own opinions about a product or offer you're featuring, your conversions literally multiply.

This is why it was essential to include a built-in commenting and user rating system with Affiliate Genie...

Key Interaction Features:

• Visitors Can Easily Add Their Own Comments - Just like a blog! This simple interactive quality can literally multiply your affiliate sales when users start adding their own reviews, opinions, etc.

It also elevates your site from "content" to trusted content. Big, big difference...

• Visitors Can Rate Products or Content - And Affiliate Genie automatically calculates & displays the average rating!

• Totally Customize Everything According to Your Own Preferences...

You can easily configure your site to either "auto-approve" comments & ratings, or you can have it place them in a moderation queue, where you can approve (or delete) them yourself.

You can even have your site email you every time someone leaves a comment... or not. It's all up to you.

Also - you can easily enable or disable comments & ratings as you please on a category basis.

Want comments & ratings on your product reviews - but not your other content?

No problem! It's as easy as clicking a check-box in the admin panel...

• State of the Art Security & Anti-Spam Measures - We use "human tests" and anti-spam detection that simply cannot be defeated by spambots based on their own design.

This is even more effective than a "captcha" test because it uses the question/answer format in addition to automatically filtering any comment that "looks" like spam.

• Let Your Visitors Create Content For You... That's right - even though Affiliate Genie doesn't require a database, all of the user-added content is 100% search-engine friendly and automatically becomes part of the page's HTML content.

(Most comment scripts are either very database-intensive, slowing your site down considerably - or they're handled by javascript, which search engines don't recognize as content)

With Affiliate Genie - you get the best of both worlds. Comments load up ultra-fast and they're 100% search engine friendly.

Download Affiliate Genie >>


Perhaps the most powerful element of Affiliate Genie is that truly anybody - regardless of skill level - can put up professional affiliate sites with ease...

In fact, it's actually easier to set up sites with Affiliate Genie than it is to install a Wordpress® Blog - because you don't need to set up a database! All you do is simply upload Affiliate Genie into your webspace, login to the admin page and set some preferences.

Takes about 60 seconds, flat :-)

Adding content is a breeze, too. It's very similar to using a blog, with the exception being that your sites will be specifically optimized for profit.

And it's infinitely better than using sites like Squidoo®, HubPages® or Blogspot® because you actually own and host Affiliate Genie on your own domains.

(And by the way... if you're not building your own sites on your own domains - you're not building a business. And your income will always be hanging from a thread...)

But that said, it's not just for beginners, either. Affiliate Genie is designed for all levels of marketers.

Here's a quick look at why this is ideal for any experience level...

Key "Dummy-Proof" Features:

• Just Upload and Start Adding Content!

No messing around with databases, no fiddling with confusing software, and absolutely no HTML knowledge required.

You literally just upload, login and start building your affiliate site right from within your own browser.

Couldn't be any easier, folks...

• What You See Is What You Get...

Affiliate Genie is a true "WYSIWYG" site-builder that doesn't pull any punches - nor does it hide any suprises. Building sites with attractive, professional content is easy.

It's just like using a standard Word Processor... except you're building a professional affiliate site that's engineered to sell.

• Customizing Your Site's Color Scheme & Logo is Brain-Dead Simple.

In fact, it is literally more difficult to add pictures in your Facebook® account than it is to customize the way your Affiliate Genie site looks.

• Managing, Adding, Removing & Editing Content is Beyond Easy...

And you can manage (or build) your sites from any computer with internet access, because everything is 100% web-based...

• Easily Modify, Re-order and Edit Categories, Page Names, Display Orders and more!

Want to move a page to another category? Or change how the links are ordered in your navigation panel? Or even which side of your site the navigation links are displayed?

No problem!

With Affiliate Genie, it couldn't be simpler...

• • •

Key Advanced-User Features:

• Add Scripts Like Google® Analytics With Ease...

Most custom scripts can be added directly from the admin panel in the Preferences area when you initially set up your site.

Additionally, for any scripts that require the use of the head tag or otherwise need to have code placed outside of the body tags, we've made it very easy to add scripts sitewide, because Affiliate Genie centralizes a lot of its layout/theming within a few central files.

Full documentation is included for advanced users should they require script installs beyond the scope of our built-in code insertion panel.

• Modifications & Custom Alterations Aren't Just Possible - They're Simple!

We've included the equivalent of a "Developer's Handbook" along with the Affiliate Genie package, which provides you with detailed information on how the sites are built, and where/how to modify the application to suit your specific needs.

Download Affiliate Genie >>


Affiliate Genie is fully adaptable to any kind of organic affiliate style...

  • Mini-Sites
  • Product Review Sites
  • Medium-Sized Content & Review Sites
  • Large Scale Sites (100+ Pages) With Varied Content
  • And So On...

Affiliate Genie does it ALL. You see, it's not just a script - it's a full scale "CMS" (Content Management System) that is specifically built for affiliate marketers.

You can even build dedicated landing pages for PPC, if you wish - especially considering that these sites support virtually any kind of HTML, scripts and so on.

Here's a look at some of the key site-building elements of Affiliate Genie...

Key Scaling Capabilities:

• Create Unlimited Categories, Articles & Product Reviews

Create as many categories as you need - and add as many articles or product reviews within those categories as you want...

Categories are specified as either being regular content or for product reviews. Modifying, editing and renaming categories is simple and easy.

• Create Unlimited Pages

You can also add as many "extra" pages as you'd like. You can choose to feature these pages in your top horizontal menu, such as a "Newsletter" page, or whatever you want...

OR - you can even create pages that aren't accessible from your regular, visible site.

We added this functionality so that you could easily create PPC Landing pages, email-driven content (sending subscribers to an online mini-course, etc.), and for internal testing purposes.

• You Get Unlimited Installs (!)

That's right... you can use Affiliate Genie to build as many sites as you want. Whether it's just 1, or 1000 - you can use this as the framework for as many sites as you can build.

Speaking of which...

• Built With Outsourcing & Mass-Production in Mind...

Remember how I'd said that Affiliate Genie was originally an "un-named" application I had developed for my own staff to build affiliate sites according to my own specifications?

Even after we decided to build a "public" version of the 'Genie, we made sure that it would be easy as pie for freelancers, staff members and content writers to login and build your sites for you, if you're at that level...

Download Affiliate Genie >>


In addition to all of its profit-focused features, sites built by Affiliate Genie are sites that will stand the test of time and weather Google's endless algorithm changes for one simple reason:

Affiliate Genie builds real sites that provide actual value to the visitor.

Unlike all the other "affiliate site scripts" out there - if you build your site properly with Affiliate Genie, you will always be in Google's good books, simply because you're not trying to exploit the system, or deceive your visitors.

When you build a well-structured site where your content is unique and centers on profitable topics (which we show you how to do in detail), you're building the foundation of a site that has the capability to generate passive income for months or even years to come when you follow our proven traffic building strategies.

Scraping content, "spinning" content, relying on duplicated RSS feeds or datafeeds, and in general putting out crap is simply not going to get you very far. These are short-lived tactics that may occasionally work for a while or work sporadically, but stuff like that is always short-lived.

The reality is that you can't build a profitable long-term affiliate business if you take shortcuts. And ironically - it's actually much less effort overall just to do it right the first time - and the results speak for themselves.

You can try using "shortcuts" and short-lived tactics. Some do work - but keep in mind that you'll be working endlessly to try and maintain your results...

OR - you can build quality, professional sites with Affiliate Genie and reap the benefits of a one-time effort for a long, long time...

The choice is yours.

Download Affiliate Genie >>


Perhaps the most important element of Affiliate Genie is that it was constructed from the ground up by people who "get" marketing.

People who intrinsically understand (from experience) the importance of conversions, CTR, and in general - making a site profitable.

This isn't some mass-market application built for "everyone". From what I've seen, site-builders that try and be all things to all people just end up falling short for everyone. Even the "good" ones are mediocre at best.

No - instead, I believe the key to success is to focus on one thing, and do that very, very well. And that's what we've done with Affiliate Genie.

It truly is the ultimate affiliate site creator, period.

By Marketers - For Marketers...

• Built to Perform - I've been saying this repeatedly, and I'll say it again - Affiliate Genie builds sites whose sole purpose is to SELL.

Site Flipper? These Sites are Built to Be Sold - Unlike WordPress® blogs or other CMS-driven sites, selling a site built with Affiliate Genie is as easy as pie.

There's no Database backups (which are usually disastrous when it comes to "unzipping" them onto another server... speaking from many experiences), and no risk of data loss on the transfer.

You just download everything from your webspace using FTP, and send it to the buyer.

Additionally, our user agreement makes it possible for the person who buys your 'Genie sites to legally own a limited license of Affiliate Genie, exclusive to the site(s) purchased from you.

• Ultra Secure - Our admin login framework is bulletproof, and so long as you follow the simple install instructions, your sites will never be susceptible to "attacks" or unauthorized access.

The only way to access administrative functions is either from your server (with FTP access), or your login and password.

In this case, the strength of Affiliate Genie is in its simplicity. For all intents and purposes, from a security standpoint, these are straight HTML websites.

• Brainless Backup - Our one-click backup system makes it easy as pie to backup your content as you produce your sites...

Download Affiliate Genie >>


Ah, yes...

The big "T" question. Without traffic, nothing happens.

Luckily, I happen to have a great deal of experience when it comes to driving free, organic traffic. Across all my current sites at the moment, I'm driving approximately 30,000 unique visitors per day.

A handful of those sites individually get anywhere from 500 - 3,000 uniques a day as well. The rest of them (the majority) will average around 50 - 150 uniques daily. So even though the process is admittedly simple - it's safe to say that I do know what I'm doing.

In fact - here's an example of the traffic one of my best affiliate sites generates, and 95% of its traffic is referred straight from Google (free, not PPC)...

And for the curious, here's the kind of income this individual site single-handedly generates:

It's been averaging about $4,000 - $5,000 a month, profit. One affiliate site.

(Keep in mind I have tons of sites. Not many generate incomes like the one showcased above, but the majority of them do earn at the very least $100+ a month - and the cumulative effect really adds up...)

Those numbers may seem pretty shocking to some, but at this risk of killing "the moment"... the truth is that the site is nothing special, and I didn't employ any sort of super-crazy traffic tactics or "secret method".

I just followed a simple, "boring" formula. (But the results aren't too boring, are they?)

In fact - and I'm being totally honest - driving big traffic is much, much simpler than people make it seem.

But I'll also tell you right now that there are no (true) shortcuts or "secrets" when it comes to search engine traffic. Instead, there's just the "normal way" of getting traffic... and then there's the smart way.

And I'll be teaching you the smart way to get tons of hyper-targeted visitors. Visitors who will actually buy from your sites...

So here's what you'll get in addition to Affiliate Genie:

Along with Affiliate Genie, I've included a no-holds-barred traffic blueprint that clearly shows you all the steps I take to generate consistent, ultra-targeted traffic to my sites over and over again.

I leave absolutely nothing out - all of my affiliate strategies are totally revealed. And on top of that, I've split the blueprint into two sections:

1) 100% Free Traffic Generation Tactics

2) Low-Cost, High-Return Organic Traffic Strategies

Here's a quick look at what's inside...


Big League

• The Simplicity of BIG Traffic - This is hiding in plain sight, and so many people just don't seem to "get" this. Once you understand the simplicity of how getting traffic actually works, there truly is no limit to the kinds of results you can generate.

• Search Engine Rankings Demystified - Big League Traffic clearly shows you why getting spidered, indexed and ranked on sites like Google is a simple, formulaic process that you can repeat over and over again.

Don't fall for the myth that getting ranked is impossible. It's not. And I explain why in detail...

• Getting Links - The most crucial part of SEO is getting other sites to link to yours... and traditionally, this is no easy task.

Lucky for you, I know a bunch of ways to sort of "bypass" the usual workload and do things the smart way when it comes to getting links that count... which eventually leads to years of free, targeted traffic.

And, yes, there's more. But there's zero fluff. In other words, this isn't a novel.

The point of this blueprint isn't to showcase my wonderful writing skills. It's to showcase my process - which you can imitate for the same results...

In a nuthsell - Big League Traffic shows you absolutely everything I do to earn to get my sites generating real traffic - and real money.

And I'll let you decide if that seems useful or not...

So not only do you have the ability to build high-performance, professional affiliate sites with ease...

...you can also imitate all of my proven traffic processes that have literally taken years of my own experience to develop, hone and refine.

For the right person - this can literally be your turning point.

You now have all the tools... (infinitely more than I had when I started).

It just comes down to action. What you do today... right now.

Download Affiliate Genie >>


Anybody who's serious about online results can easily afford Affiliate Genie...

Sure, I could charge way more. And get it. Easily.

But the whole reason why I'm releasing this is to help people get started. To level the playing field a bit, and make it possible for anyone who's actually motivated to easily jump over the technical hurdles...

...so they can do what actually makes money - driving traffic to offers that sell.

That's why I've decided to make Affiliate Genie available...

For The Same Price as a Lousy Pair of Jeans:



And yes - that's a one-time cost.

Not "yet another monthly expense", like most stuff in this industry. My guess is you probably have enough monthly expenses at the moment. Most people do.

But a $97 investment, on the other hand... now that's something anybody can work with.

Especially when you consider what using Affiliate Genie might mean for your future...

Download Affiliate Genie >>


Now - not only is Affiliate Genie sorely underpriced - I've taken it one step further...

Affiliate Genie is 100%
For 60 Days

Very Simply - If for any reason Affiliate Genie just doesn't work out for you...

Or if you decide that organic affiliate marketing just ain't your thing...

All you have to do is let us know within 60 days of your purchase (2 full months) and we'll disable your license and refund all your money on the spot.

No questions, no hassles - it's that simple.

Either it works or you pay nothing.

Download Affiliate Genie >>


As Easy as Rubbing a Lamp...

Just hit the button below to download Affiliate Genie - you could literally be building your first affiliate site in minutes from now - even if you're a "hopeless beginner". It's never been this easy...

Here's What You're Getting:

• Affiliate Genie
- Easily create professional affiliate sites of any size or scale.
• Unlimited Installs - No restrictions on how many sites you can build...
• Big League Traffic Blueprint - How the pros really get traffic...

All for a one-time investment of just $97.00

Add to Cart - Download Affiliate Genie NOW

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System Requirements & Specifications:

Affiliate Genie is a PHP-driven application that operates from your own server. It constructs websites "on the fly" from within a web-based administration panel.

Affiliate Genie requires a server with PHP 4 or later (PHP 5+ is recommended). And of course, you'll need an FTP program, which should be provided by your host, to upload Affiliate Genie to your webspace.

For maximum SEO performance, your host needs to enable "mod rewrite" using .htaccess (ask your host if they support this - most do).

This is optional, and is only required if you want to use "SEO friendly" URL's. Dynamic URL's will also work, but there may be brief initial indexing/ranking delays.

Affiliate Genie is packaged in ZIP format. An extraction tool such as WinZip® or another free alternative is required. Windows® Vista™ users can simply use the right-click function to extract zipfile contents.

The user manual & other guides are published in Adobe® Acrobat™ format, and instruction on how to obtain the free version of Acrobat are included on the download page.

Important Customer Information:

It is important that you clearly understand our Terms of Use and Disclaimer prior to using Affiliate Genie.

Get Started With Affiliate Genie Right Now
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Still not sure? Undecided?

Allow me to speak "off the record" here for a second...

The bottom line is that all the full-time affiliates I've ever met (including myself) have one thing in common:

They have a simple sequence of tasks that they wash, rinse and repeat. Some do this with PPC, others with their mailing lists, and others - like me - take the "easier" route and do this with tightly-focused affiliate sites.

It's not about "secrets" or being part of some kind of "inner circle". Nor is it about timing. (This isn't real estate). Pretty much anyone can make money in this game - and in any market - at any time, with very few exceptions.

What it comes down to is making offers and driving traffic. People who do that make money.

People who don't do that, don't make money. It's that simple.

No, you don't have to use Affiliate Genie. You can succeed without it. But if you do use it, you'll be able to put up highly-responsive, interactive sites far faster and far easier than ever before.

Even if you're a complete beginner - you can use Affiliate Genie. And in almost every case, affiliate sites constructed by Affiliate Genie will outperform any traditional layout or web-based sitebuilder by a mile...

It's kind of like Wordpress®... except it's profitable and easier to use.

So like anything in business (and life in general) - there's hard work... and then there's smart work.

(Guess which one pays better...)

Get Started With Affiliate Genie Right Now
For Just a One-Time Investment of $97

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By ordering, you agree to our Disclaimer, Earnings Disclaimer & Terms of Use


Now - regardless if you get Affiliate Genie or not:

I just want to leave you with one last word of encouragement...

I remember well what it felt like to try and be "hopeful" about my business... when deep down, I doubted everything. It was hard to take action, because not only did it seem like I was missing a BIG piece of the puzzle...

...I also had nothing to go on. My results were anything but impressive.

Over time, this nagging doubt turned into unhealthy skepticism - bitterness. I would cringe when friends asked how "my stuff was doing". (Or worse yet, when my family would ask).

What I didn't realize then was that I was simply doing the wrong stuff. Selling the wrong products, and making things harder than they needed to be.

In retrospect, I was actually working way harder back then to earn chump-change. It's what you do, folks. Not how hard you try.

It's a long story, but in short - a random 20-minute experiment in a wildly competitive market brought in more money in a single month than I'd made in 2 years by working my ass off.

Needless to say... it got me to re-think what I was doing :-)

By and large, what I realized was two things:

1. It's far easier to sell in-demand products, regardless of competition

2. Imitation is easier and almost always more profitable than innovation

A lot of entrepreneurs who aim for producing some huge "breakthrough product" usually fail miserably. It is infinitely easier just to sell what your market is already buying, make some real money, and then innovate later on (once you actually know your market - and what you're doing).

This simple realization has taken my business from the "hobby" level to the proverbial stratosphere. It actually feels unbelievable at times. It's opened up a whole new world of possibilities for myself and my wife. We're trying to make the best of it.

So I have a challenge for you:

If things just aren't working out at the moment... instead of "trying harder"...

...Why not copy what clearly already works?

And I'm not just talking about Affiliate Genie - even though it's literally been engineered from the ground up to perform based on what already works for myself and my team (along with countless other competing affiliates).

I'm talking about everything in this business. Find out what's selling. Find out who's selling it, who's buying up all the ads, who's investing major $$ into content and links - and then just copy their process (target keywords, what they promote, etc) with your own sites.

Seriously folks - like I said - this ain't rocket science.

But it does require taking action, and most likely, doing things differently.

So if you'd like to copy my business model... building sites that specifically target buyers and selling them what they already want...

...then Affiliate Genie is going to drastically accelerate your success. It's going to save you time. And it's going to level the playing field for you, especially if building sites that perform is something you struggle with.

But the KEY is action.

As in, what you do right now.

Not tomorrow. Or "when you get a chance". (From my own experience, "when you get a chance" usually turns into 2 years down the road. Success is determined by a will to act in the moment.)

I wish you all the best - regardless of your decision today.


Chris Rempel
The "Lazy" Super-Affiliate

(I'm the ugly one on the left...)

Matthew Chitty
The "Mad Scientist"

(One of those guys who can say "PHP" and "fun" in the same sentence...)

P.S. Make sure you check out the demo sites... the proof is in the pudding, as they say...

P.P.S. What about the FTC and the new guidelines for affiliate publishers, product reviews, etc... is Affiliate Genie "FTC Friendly?"

The simple answer is that Affiliate Genie is a publishing tool that makes it easy for someone to build their own content within a profitable layout. It really is just like a "WordPress for affiliates". It's still up to you what you publish using Affiliate Genie.

Which means that so long as your content is legal, honest/accurate and you are clearly disclosing any material connections you have with products you mention - then you have nothing to worry about.

However - we've made it even easier to stay safe. Affiliate Genie has a built-in sitewide disclosure statement (which you can customize to suit the nature of your material/commercial connection) that you can easily edit from the admin panel.

And we've also included an Accuracy Disclaimer statement on a product-by-product basis that itemizes the nature of any product review you publish (whether it's based on product testing, research or simply commentary) - which instills even more trust in your content.

It still comes down to what you publish (in general, just be honest and use common sense), but in terms of FTC compliance, Affiliate Genie is currently much safer for affiliates than commonly-used site builders by default simply because the infrastructure for compensation disclosure and accuracy disclaimers is already hardcoded into your sites.

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